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A New Posse!

A week ago we took a trip to the Farm Store and returned with 18 baby peeps.  Not the marshmallow kind, but the fluffy, chirping, make your heart melt kind.  It’s that time of year, time to start thinking of baby chicks, baby goats and all other things small.   This is the earliest that we have started chicks.  I usually keep them under lights safely nested in their horse feeder “house” tucked in the garage.  I quickly found out that the garage is no where near warm enough.  When they all huddle under the light in a giant mass of chicken fluff, you know that it is not warm enough.  So, the peeps were relocated to the mudroom, just off of the kitchen and my bedroom.  Now I hear them chirp while I cook, do laundry and even sleep.  Chickens are not on my same sleep schedule.  Just like my babies, they wake up to eat ALL NIGHT.  I am getting used to their sweet noises all night (sadly I can’t say that I ever got used to my kids waking up all night) and I am sure that I will be sad when th…