Last Carrot Harvest

Have you been lucky enough for your carrot harvest to winter over?  I felt very lucky as I dug the rest of our carrots from last year this morning.  I filled a giant golf ball basket with my surprise harvest.  By the way, the golf ball basket is super for harvesting and washing veggies.  (Don’t freak out Preston, I cleaned it and put it back!!!)  It has great big holes so that leaves and dirt wash out easily.  My new favorite thing, I will be buying a few of them in the future, I’m sure!!! 

The thing about overwintering carrots is that you have to cover them with something to keep them from freezing.  I covered the rows of orange jewels with piles of leaves.  The leaves insulated and also made it easier to dig them out in the cold winter.  I harvested carrots several times during those dark winter months.  

I was thrilled to dig, to get dirty and muddy.  I was excited when I turned the soil and found several giant earthworms, my first this year.  Will held the worms with the greatest of care, eventually putting them back in the dirt to “go back to their families”.  Even more exciting than the worms were the carrots, bright orange flashes in the dark black earth, almost like flashes of hope and joy.  Nothing makes you smile more than knowing the tiny seed you planted in the spring became a gorgeous, long, orange carrot.  How miraculous and wonderful!!!

I can’t wait to get dirty again and plant some more!!!  


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