"Neigh" It Isn't So

Oh, it be so!!!  We have added a very cute new buddy to our little farm.  This is Cory.  He is a 6-year old miniature appaloosa.  We have been thinking about adding a pony to our party, but had heard some pretty nasty things about behavior problems with them (they BITE).  After doing some research and meeting a miniature horse up at the farm store, we decided that the mini was definitely a better road for us.  Our biggest problem was that we would have to train a baby to lead, to pull with a harness and teach it how to act around the kids.  I just don’t have time for all of that!  
Someone that I work with mentioned that they had a miniature horse and because he is getting divorced, the horse had to go.  He was trained, had been around a lot of children (Dave has 8 kids...gasp), and had a routine that was fairly easy to follow.  So.......after a long talk with Woodman, we decided to go and meet this horse.  

Of course we fell in love immediately, and the boys were completely smitten with him.  Now he is ours and we adore him.  We have built him a temporary house up at the “ranch” and we have to feed, brush and walk him every day.  These are the kind of chores I can live with.  Will loves to brush Cory.  The best part about brushing this sweet horse is that he tries to kiss you right on the nose.  With all of the divorce stuff, Cory hadn’t been brushed or lead for months, so he is a little out of practice, but you can see a big sparkle in his eyes when you spend time with him.  
Cory has been trained to pull a cart and can pull two full sized men for about 5 miles before he’s pooped.  We are really looking forward to getting him in shape to pull his cart this summer and we are hoping that the kids have as much fun with him as we have imagined they would.  It’s a big learning curve for them, teaching them about horses, where to stand, how to move and how to control such a big guy.  Don’t be fooled by his size, he is pretty powerful for being so small and a little obstinate, he doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to do!!!  (Wait...he and I might just be kindred spirits...haha!)  
Cory is used to being with goats and a labrador, so we will also be getting a pigmy goat to keep him company.  Baby goats are being born now...so a few weeks and he will have a buddy to play with.  This is going to be an interesting, busy, and super fun spring for the kids.  I am looking forward to it!


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