See No Evil...Or Anything Else

We had a very interesting discovery this last week at the farm.  One of our beautiful chickens is blind.  Blind as a bat if you care to be cliché about it.  My mom found her in the coop one morning being pecked by the other chickens.  She was hunched down in the corner and shaking.  She was so scared.  My mom pulled her out of the coop and put her in a separate area and called me to tell me that she thought she may be blind.  
Upon further inspection, it appears that she may have cataracts.  Her eyes are hazy and she acts like she is trying so hard to see what’s going on around her.  When you suddenly move your hand around her face, she doesn’t even react.    
We couldn’t put her back with the other chickens, so we decided to bring her to ranch #2 (our house).  I had to quickly purchase a small chicken coop and assemble it.  Woodman has no time to make a coop right now, so the cheesy little coop is in the backyard, reminding him of all the things he wishes he had time for.  Putting the coop together proved to be a nightmare.  I started it in the mudroom, and the instructions were SO WRONG!!!  I called Woodman in tears because I couldn’t get the stinking thing put together.  He ran home and quickly became as frustrated as I was.  After some swearing and head shaking, we finally got it assembled.  Let me just say that if China is thinking about ruling the world...they better learn how to write instructions in English THAT WORK!!!  (Okay...I feel more angry farmgal...)
We also had to find another chicken to come with her.  Our dog Zeus is blind and we have found that with a little help from his “brother”, Hercules, he can get around without much worry.  We thought that this same principle may apply to the chicken, plus it’s just really nice to have a buddy!  After a couple of tries, we found another araucana that is really sweet with “Blindy”.  (We have to find a new name for her...she can’t be called Blindy, I’m up for any suggestions!)
Since we are having chicken talk, the new little girls are growing fast.  They are now chicken pre-teens.  They have their feathers and are fast approaching the gangly stage that makes me laugh.  They get awkward and somehow resemble dinosaurs with feathers.  They grow so fast.  With these little girls added to our coop we will have 57 chickens in our care!!!  CRAZY!!!
It is so fun to look out the kitchen window and see the girls scratching around in the dirt.  It somehow makes me feel home more than I have felt here.  I feel like the garden is complete with the two sisters scratching for bugs in the beds.  Watching them is somehow soothing and comforting; I could follow them for hours and love every minute of it!  
I love chickens!!!

Don’t you?
Help our Blindy and her sister find names, give us your suggestions, we would love to hear them!


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