Study of a Poppy

Stamen of a poppy.  It's like modern art; the texture is amazing!
(No tricks here - I just happened to have the right light and it did beautiful things with my camera!)
A few pictures from the garden at my mom's house that I had to share.  Poppies fascinate me.  It is such a miracle that a structure such as this seems to come from almost nothing, just roots and dirt.  I am amazed at the complexity in the garden and the infinite differences between species that make each petal of each plant unique.

Sun washed colors and amazing patterns all leading to the center of the flower. 
Underside of the poppies.  Completely different texture and appeal.
I love the dark purple pollen that stains the petals.  It feels like watercolor to me.
Magnificent, aren't they?
The petals are so delicate, almost transparent in the sun
I am completely captivated by these!


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