Farmgal's Bruleed French Toast

Let me give you a topic...
French Toast is niether French nor Toast...

The earliest mention of French Toast is in an ancient Roman text...not in French...I am sure that the Frech added fluff to the idea and and so we let them keep the naming rights.  Besides, French Toast sounds much better than Roman Toast...don't you think???

One Sunday morning I was trying to think up a way to get my kids to eat their French Toast, it's not a vegetable, so sometimes we struggle.  (My children's idea of breakfast is cucumbers, red peppers, tomatoes and hashbrowns - we eat this often, but sometimes a girl needs something fun and fluffy to make.)  I came up with a fun idea to brulee the toast so that it would be encrusted with warm crunchy sugar.  This is a little labor intensive, it requires some attention so that the sugar does not burn, but the end result is absolutely fantastic!

I started with a loaf of good brioche bread from a local bakery and sliced it thick, like 1-inch thick!  A very quick dip in the egg and milk/cream mixture and off to the frying pan, where the magic began to take place.  Prior to placing it in the pan, I quickly coated the top side with brown sugar and laid it sugar-side down in the buttered warm pan.  While that side was caramelizing, I coated the other side with brown sugar and then flipped it over.  What I was left with was soft and sweet with a crunchy coating on both sides.  It is so good, it doesn't even need maple syrup!!!

Backyard Farmgals

1 Loaf of Very Good Brioche (I use Crumb Brother's)
3 Farm Fresh Eggs
1/4 Cup Cream
1/4 Cup Milk
2 Tbsp Brown Sugar, plus more for coating the bread
1 Tsp Vanilla

Assorted Berries or Sliced Peaches
Really good Maple Syrup (optional)

In a large shallow pan, whisk the eggs, add the milk and cream and whisk until combined.  Add the sugar and vanilla and give it one last whisk.  Set aside.

In a large non-stick pan (I have a Le Creuset frying pan that I love), heat to medium.  Add a good amount of butter to coat the pan.

Quick dip in the egg/cream mixture
While the pan is heating, quickly dip a piece of the sliced brioche.  When you turn it over to dip the second side, sprinkle enough brown sugar over the already coated side to cover the bread.  Put it in the heated pan, sugar side down.  Coat the other side with more brown sugar.  Carefully watch the heat and the toast, you don't want it to burn.  When it is golden and caramelized, flip the bread.  Again, watch your heat, you may need to turn it down just a bit, depending on your pan and stove.

In the pan, top side just coated with brown sugar
Bottom right piece just flipped, check out that gorgeous color!
When the bread has caramelized on both sides, remove from pan and plate.  Top with butter, berries or other fruit and serve hot.  Add maple syrup if you like.



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