A Week in Photos...

I thought that I would share a few fun pictures that I captured this week.  It's a little glimpse into our crazy life and what fun things we are up to during the week.  

We found a new and inventive use for our clothes line!  

Weekend art projects with my two favorite farm hands.  Creativity and mess all wound up in a big sticky paint pile.  

My boys are so much fun.  They love art and being creative...and being just plain messy.  But that's what boys are for, right?

What do you do with this besides just love it???  Wash in warm soapy water, give it a big kiss and hug, and love the mess that this boy is!!!

My most photogenic chicken.  This is Jane.  She is lovely in every way!!!  

Egg is always tucking herself under another chicken, the feet belong to Helen.  It must be a security thing, but it makes me laugh.  Silly girl!!!

This is our buff orpington rooster up at the farm.  He keeps the hen house running smoothly.  I am always amazed at how he keeps order among sixty chickens.  He is a very sweet rooster, probably the nicest that we have ever had.  He lets the boys pet him, and I even get to hold him and cart him around every now and then.  He is beautiful!!!


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