Cluckingham Palace is near complete!!!  You can imagine my joy...even more so, you can imagine the chickens' joy!!!  It really is a palace: complete with curtains, photos of the royal family, Union Jack, and writing table with lamp.  Oh!  So!  Spoiled!!!  The girls love it.  Yay!!!

They really enjoy their nesting boxes.  They are based on an old Amish nesting box design.  I found and old antique box and the hubby built boxes to match.  The boxes are cozy and warm, and they love to pile in them and squawk and lay and squawk some more!  

There is an old antique orchard ladder that the girls perch on while they look at photos of the royal family and mutter back and forth, "God save the Queen" and that kind of talk.  My mom and I made curtains for the coop complete with giant turquoise rick rack.  They are so cute!!!  How many chickens do you know with curtains on the window and a pink chandelier hanging from the loft?  

The whole thing is just delightful, I love going to visit my girls.  You can't help but chuckle when you glance back at the coop.  

"THE MEN"...BRIG (up top) and RHETT (below)
Thank you with all my heart to the men that have built this fabulous coop...I am scared of the saw (I've seen far too many trauma surgeries due to a saw).  Mostly thank you to the hubby for all of the countless hours given and list of demands that were met with minimal eye rolling.  Love you much!!!  Thank you to my two farmhands who handed wood pieces and tools, played with scraps, and patiently watched a movie or two while we worked.  You all are awesome and I couldn't imagine life without you!!!  (Oscar music starts playing...eye rolling from the audience...hushed whispers, "will she ever shut up???" is Oscar weekend...hehe!!!)  Kisses and hugs to all who helped, and laughed, and supported, and taunted!!!  Love you all!!!  XXO!


  1. Your chicken coop is adorable! Love the pink chandelier. So.. I'm starting to think about my garden already. Do you have any recommendations of where I can get a good deal on some good garden soil/prep stuff? We may be relocating the garden so I'll be starting from scratch again!

    1. Large stores usually have soil prep stuff in bulk and if you or a family member have a business, you can open an account and get 10% off (J&J or J&L) Bring a truck, they can scoop a load into the bed of the truck - I have found that this is the most cost effective way to start a new garden. The landfill also has compost. I have heard that the quality is good, you can always drive up and take a look at it. I use a lot of steer manure from home centers. It is usually about a dollar a bag and really boosts the soil, plus it is aged and sterilized so it won't burn your plants and no weeds (yay!). I use about 20-25 bags in my kitchen garden, so it's a pretty inexpensive fix. If you are doing raised beds, make sure to incorporate some of the native soil into your mix. Things grow better with good old dirt mixed in! Another thought - do you put leaves in your garden in the fall and allow them to break down over winter - great amendment and it's FREE!!! Good luck and have fun!!!


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