One Tough Kid...

What is blonde and freckled and wild all over?  My little farmhand Ian!  He is the wildest of boys, covered in scratches and bruises that he parades around like trophies.  He is the friendliest little guy, eager to tell you his stories, and always on the lookout for a buddy to play with.  His best friend is his big brother, Will.  They are mostly inseparable and they love like brothers, which means that they can also fight like brothers.  Between the two of them, I feel somewhat like a circus attraction.  "Come and see the two wildest boys and their mother that they have pushed to the edge of sanity!"  Not really, but somedays... maybe!

Really I can't imagine my life without either of my boys.  They are my whole world.  I love them with every little piece of me possible.  It's hard to believe that you could love someone with every inch of your soul, until you experience it, then you get it and you could never be without it.

My Ian had to have a little oral surgery this week.  No biggie for the son of an operating room nurse, right?  Oh... so... wrong!!!  I was a wreck.  The whole world seemed to cave in all at once.  Sitting next to my boy in the recovery room, I felt an intense relief.  He was fine, toothless, but fine, and sleeping so softly.  My boy.

He lost his front tooth.  Accidents will happen.  Playing soccer mouth versus cleats style is not a good idea.  Monday his tooth started to die, by Wednesday it was brown.  Not much in the way of options but to look like a pumpkin for the next few years.  A cute freckled, wild, crazy man pumpkin with untamable blonde hair that sticks up in every direction.

Ian is back to his crazy, spunky self, running wild like a mad-man.  Just minus one tooth.  Not much slows this boy down, two days of relaxation, and you would never know that anything was wrong.  He is back to being a ninja, pirate, cowboy, biking, sword throwing, clod kicking, stick smacking, cat hugging maniac.

I love this boy!!!

I think that these two are a match made in heaven!!!  


  1. Being in the OR is not a help when waiting helplessly, quite the opposite. Been there, done that, and not even for a little kid.


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