Toast with Avocado and Poached Egg

This was my lunch today.  I had the camera, and it looked so good, I snapped a few quick photos to share.  This was so yummy.  Homemade bread, fresh ripe avocado, and an egg snatched from under a chicken as I walked into the house to make lunch.  It doesn't get much fresher or any more tasty.  Plus it's very filling and gives you oodles of energy for more planting, which is just what I am going to do now.  I find that I need a little boost of protein on these long days in the dirt, and an egg at lunch really gives me the energy I need to motor through the rest of the day.  This is so simple and easy, it doesn't take up much of your time either, so you can get right back to the garden.

backyard farmgals

1 thick slice of Farmhouse Whole Wheat Bread (or any good whole grain bread will do)
1/2 ripe avocado
1 fresh egg poached (for poaching instructions click here)
Butter (optional)

Toast the bread, if you like you can add a little pat of butter when the toast is nice and warm.  Scoop out half an avocado and mash it onto the toast.  Place a warm poached egg over the avocado, sprinkle with salt and pepper and a little cayenne and gobble.  

SO SIMPLE and packed with energy for all that work ahead!  Happy planting!


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