For the Birds...

Sweet relief, it is raining.  After 38 days of dry, almost suffocating heat, day 39 has brought rain; heavy rain that sits on the mountains, soaking into our parched desert.  I think it's raining because of all my rain dancing, chanting, and meditating.  Julie thinks it raining because she finally washed her car.  She may be right!  There is an audible sigh from the farm as the water sinks deep into the soil.  A short break from the heat, July has just begun and historically, it is hot and parched.  For now, the chickens dash into the rain looking for worms, the horse whinnies and trots in circles, and the goat bucks all in great appreciation.

About a month ago, I noticed a beautiful nest being build low in one of the aspens back by the farm plot.  Bits of twigs, strings, weeds I had just recently pulled, and straw from the pathways were all interwoven in this beautiful tapestry of a nest.  A bird's nest is bits of it's life all twisted and tucked into the most important piece of her life.  Like The David or the Sistine Chapel for Michelangelo, a bird's nest is her life's work, it holds her most precious gift to the world.

A week ago, I noticed a robin on the nest, persistently sitting, immovable.  Yesterday, I found pieces of bright blue eggs tossed into the dirt below.  Camera in hand, I walked toward the nest in the rain this morning.  Mama robin was sitting as usual, but after a moment of being photographed, she became camera shy and flew to a nearby rock.  Lifting my camera high over my head, I was able to get a glimpse of what is in the nest.  It looks like two naked baby robins (the second is just barely visible at the bottom of the nest).  Wonder of wonders!  Despite looking a bit alien and being so naked, they are beautiful!

The nest is low and I worry about predators.  I am sending these birds as much good protective energy as I can.  I hope we get to see them grow and take flight.

Have a lovely rainy day!  Don't forget to jump in a puddle or two and celebrate the beauty that is this Earth!


  1. Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. We would like to get the cottonwood cut back, but will wait until late fall/early spring, because we know there are birds up there somewhere. Mourning doves that we can hear, but there may be others.


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