Jane Takes The Cake...

My boys are so proud.  Proud as peacocks, to be exact!  This week was fair week and my two farmhands took their 5 best chickens to put on display in hopes of ribbons and chicken champion glory.  Imagine their surprise when on Wednesday morning, they stepped into the chicken house to see a large, green, chicken-topped trophy staring back at them.

I think the plastic rifle really makes the picture here.  Will insisted on bringing it, and posing with it.  Boys!?!??  I sometimes wonder what planet they are really from!  

Reserve Champion Junior...  *gasp*

Which is a really fluffy way of saying second place.  Jane, the Silver Laced Wyandotte, was beaming as only a Reserve Champion Junior chicken can!  First place was taken by a gorgeous black and gray rooster with feathered feet.  I think that his feet won over the judges, that, or he was bribing them with chicken feed!

Jane.  Doesn't she look like a Reserve Champion Junior?  She is a pretty chicken!
Following the discovery of the trophy, a long "discussion" was held between my two little farmhands as to who the trophy really belonged to.  A bit heated, it was decided that it will sit on the mantel in the living room, for all to see.  (At least until the newness wears off - not sure how long I can handle a bright green plastic trophy with golden chicken embellishment on my black mantel next to my antique books!)

Egg, the Blue Ameraucana.  Will's favorite girl. 
Lizzy.  She took Best of Show last year.  She is a beautiful Black Sex-Link.
Our new rooster who is absolutely gorgeous.  He is a Blue Wheaton Ameraucana and the boys have named him Thomas Jefferson.  My money was on him!!!  

I had to share their success!  Second place is still great and it is a wonderful reward for two boys who love their chickens this much!

**A few extra moments of fun to share**  


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