Tomato Tasting... Again!

I scavenged the garden this morning.  In my desperate hunt, I found some amazing things, gorgeous colors and absolutely delicious tomatoes.  I spent nap time sampling 'maters and drooling all over myself!  Yeah, it was attractive...

There are a few really great tomatoes in this batch, I have really enjoyed taste testing them (haha) hope y'all enjoy it too!

PINK GERMAN - This is a tomato that I have planted before.  Also referred to as Pink German Tree, it is a potato leaf, indeterminate plant that has great big, sweet, luscious tomatoes dripping from it.  It is a bit of a late producer, but I added this to my sauces last year and it was outstanding.  This is one that I will plant year after year.

WEIGHT - Heavy
SIZE - Very Large
ACIDITY - Almost none
FLAVOR - Extremely sweet
PRODUCTION - Medium-Heavy
GENERAL IMPRESSION - This is a sweet, no acidity tomato that makes a great slicer.  It is very meaty, with moderate amounts of seeds and juice.  I love this one with sea salt, it heightens the flavor and makes the sweetness even more intense.

KELLOGG'S BREAKFAST - This tomato was preserved by a railroad engineer named Darrel Kellogg from Redford, Michigan.  Some say that it has a West Virginia heritage, but I haven't found much to support that claim.  What I do know is that this is one heck of a tomato.  IT IS HUGE!!!  I produces some of the largest tomatoes that I have ever grown and I think that I am smitten by it's size, color, and flavor.

WEIGHT - Heavy
SIZE - Very Large
ACIDITY - Medium.  This 'mater has some good acidity!
FLAVOR - Tastes like a tomato should taste.  Very classic and robust flavor.  What I remember tomatoes tasting like as a kid in my Grandfather's garden.
PRODUCTION - Medium- Heavy
GENERAL IMPRESSION - This in my mind is a classic tasting tomato that gives a good amount of huge tomatoes.  It is an excellent slicer and makes a fantastic tomato sandwich with spicy basil!  The texture is extremely smooth.  This is a must have in the garden!

GREEN ZEBRA - This has long been one of my favorite tomatoes, and my hubby is head over heels for it.  It was the first green tomato that I grew, and I instantly fell in love.  It has been a standard in our kitchen garden for several years.

WEIGHT - Medium
SIZE - Medium
ACIDITY - Medium-Low
FLAVOR - Sweet
GENERAL IMPRESSION - This has been a great salad tomato.  I like to make a tomato salad with mixed colored tomatoes and this makes an excellent green colored tomato.  It is a very heavy producer and really fun to look at with the yellow and green striping.  It is stunning in the garden.  This is one of those tomatoes that you eat while you are working in the garden.  They are fabulous when they are warm from the sun.  One to really consider in your garden.  I will never be without at least one!

MARMANDE - This is an interesting find.  Again, this was picked up at Traces in SLC and added to the test pile.  I was expecting something slightly different from what it is.  I was thinking slicer, and I was very wrong.  This is a sauce tomato.  It has a slightly grainy, thick and pasty texture.  If you make a lot of tomato sauce or chili sauce, this is a winner.  It is really prolific and I have been impressed by the quantity that is growing on these plants.

WEIGHT - Medium to Heavy
SIZE - Medium to Large, size seems to vary slightly
FLAVOR - Sweet, thick, and pasty
GENERAL IMPRESSION - Something that I will consider growing for sauce.  I like to skin, chop, and freeze all the tomatoes I grow in a kind of mixed up tomato mess.  Doing this makes incredible sauce, and this would be a great addition as a thickening tomato.  I am not sure that I would make sauce exclusively with this tomato, I would add something more flavorful to it like Opalka.  I will consider this tomato for next year...

JUANE FLAMME - This is a very zingy little heirloom that originated in France with a grower named Norbert Perreira.  I have to tell you, I am absolutely IN LOVE with this tomato.  It is INTENSE, and I am not exaggerating.  These plants are filled with oodles of these little gems waiting to ripen.  This will be in the garden for years to come.  Seed Savers Exchange carries seeds for these bad boys if you are wondering where to get seed.  I picked up a plant from Traces to test, and I am so glad that I was intrigued by the name of this one.  

WEIGHT - Medium
SIZE - Medium
ACIDITY - Medium-High
FLAVOR - Intense burst in your mouth flavor with a good amount of acidity.  The first bite, you pick up on a bit of a pine flavor.  It is incredible!!!
PRODUCTION - High, plants yield oodles of the little medium sized jewels
GENERAL IMPRESSION - I am in love.  I sliced this, ate a slice, and then went back for the whole tomato.  I couldn't leave it alone.  I love the intensity.  This is a great stand-alone tomato and would be a great culinary star - when it's flavor is going to be a focal point.  I will have this tomato for years to come!

After all of this tomato tasting, I made this:

I think I may have an addiction...
at least it is healthy!


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