Valentine's Cards...

I [heart] Valentine's Day.  It's one extra chance to tell everyone that I love exactly how much I love them.  I have been busy getting my Valentine's ready for my little farmhands, my cute hubby, and my mama (because I love my mama too) and I thought I would share them with you.  They are the best combination of dirt and love...

This year I thought I would get a little crafty.  I haven't been working nearly as much as I usually do, and it has given me some time to get my creative juices flowing again.  When I am busy or stressed, my creativity seems to be the first thing to go.  I recently read that when you are healthy, your creativity flows in what ever form of creativity you have.  Mine is with paper, fabric, and soil.  I love texture, things that my fingers get sensation from.  I have been feeling really creative since Christmas, so I must be bursting with health, right?!?

I searched the internet for drawings and woodblocks of lettuce, radishes, and peas.  Once I found images I was happy with, I printed them.  Then I headed to my craft area in search of my favorite pencils.  I love Prismacolors, they are the ultimate colored pencil.  If I had time, I would color my way through life with these soft, bright beauties.  They are really expensive, so I hide them from other artists in the house, and I only use them for the best projects... it's greedy art, I know, but I can't help it - these are my babies when it comes to color.

After an afternoon of playing with color, I cut the pictures out and mounted them on thick card stock. I chose not to use ribbons and fluffy stuff because I wanted the art to stand out on it's own, without a lot of competition.  Then I used a stamp set with a dark gray stamp pad to write what I wanted to say, and added a cute little red heart to each card.

There are so many fun things you could say:

We go together like peas and carrots
Peas be mine
Peas in a pod
Lettuce grow old together
You are radishing
I dig you
Kale yes I will be yours

...and a million other clever things.

It would be so cute to include a packet of seeds or a garden trowel with your card.

*brain overload*

So, if you have an afternoon to get busy with your right brain and have a little Valentine's fun, give it a go.  I am hoping that these will be extra special to those I love because they are from my dirt covered little heart...


  1. Hi, me again. I would love to develop you card idea for us to sell next year….what do you think?
    Robin Kelson, The Good Seed Company

    1. Hi Robin, Thanks much, what a compliment! The problem I have is that the sketching is not mine. I simply pulled black and white sketches off the internet that were not copyright protected and I did all of the color and stamping. I am not sure how all of that works out in the publishing world, the legality of it all is a mystery to me. I would love to be a part of your project, I guess I need to be more informed about the legal aspects of doing something like that. I would hate to put anyone in a position that was compromising. Maybe we can work it out?

      Thanks again!

    2. Hi,there! Apologies for the radio silence. I just found this email! I think we can proceed provided the sketches are not copyrighted. Lucky for us I also am an intellectual property attorney (!) Anywho, can we continue the conversation by email at my seed company email address?

      All the best,

  2. Hi, Robin Kelson here. My first comment didn't publish so what just publish may sound strange. I'll restart:
    First, your cards are lovely! So touching and beautiful! I came across your site while searching for a good photo of forellenshuss leaf lettuce for my new seed packets. I recently inherited a little heirloom seed company that has been in operation since about 1980 and whose founder needed to release. It's called The Good Seed Company and I am endeavoring to give it new life with new packets and an updated website. Anyways, I like your photo and if you would kindly give me permission to use the photo on my seed packet I will gladly acknowledge you and also compensate you with seeds! Let me know what you think. My email is: Cheers, and keep on writing! - Robin Kelson (PS my profile is through my other business,which I think is a pretty cool project too.)


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