Weekly Snippet... Graduation

This week's snippet is really exciting:

I graduated with my bachelors degree, summa cum laude, in plant science, cropping systems!  


It was a perfect day, minus the hot stage.  I was absolutely thrilled to walk across that stage; it was so much better than when I got my nursing degree.  Plus I got to walk with two great friends.  I have made two of the best friends a person could ask for.  These two guys have been my support, my shoulder to cry on, my hug when I need one, my study group, and are always a great laugh.  We walked together, one right after another, with our families and professors cheering us on.

The best part of the day was when they asked us to recognize those in our lives that have been so supportive of our journey through school.  I have the most amazing hubby!  He comes home from work so I can run to school, he listens to all my frustrations, he helps me when I need it, and makes the stress melt away as much as possible.  I am so lucky to have him!  I also have two great kiddos that try so hard to make life grand.  They are the reason why I am doing all this crazy stuff, and I love them to pieces.  Of course I cried, and so did the two guys, my dear friends, sitting on either side of me.  We were a big section of blubbering mess, except they didn't have mascara to wipe away!  We all have amazing families that are so supportive and are our biggest cheerleaders.

I will be moving on to full blown graduate school this fall.  I am a bit nervous, but I will ease into this new life and it will be great.  I am going to learn so much.  That is what I am most excited about: learning!  I watched another grad student defend his thesis the day before graduation in a tiny, dark room, surrounded by massive brains.  I left the room and swallowed hard, realizing all of the things that I have in front of me, big things, mountains to climb, and massive amounts of information to sink into my brain.  Defending is a serious grilling of your knowledge.  My professor assured me that I would know everything I needed to know; still my pulse quickens when I think about it.  I keep reminding myself to breathe.

Despite all of the little blood pressure elevating factors, I really believe this is going to be one grand adventure...


I can't wait!


  1. You are summa dame, and you rock! Congrats and cheers and huzzah!


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